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State of the art
indoor hydroponic growing facility

We grow our cultivars in indoor, hydroponic, rotational gardens called “Roto-Gro” machines. This process begins by taking cuttings from our “mother plants” and letting them root for 2 weeks. Then, we place the rooted cuttings into 48 Roto-Gro machines where they grow and mature until harvest.

Rotational hydroponic gardening enables us to recycle our water and stack our machines which maximizes our growing space. This reduces our environmental footprint and significantly increases the yield of each eight week growing cycle. We also stagger the growing cycles in each room, resulting in a new harvest every 3-4 weeks.

The entire growing process is controlled and monitored with state of the art technology ensuring consistent yields and quality.

After harvesting, the plants are processed in various other parts of the facility, depending on the product they will become.

We have a full scale extraction facility onsite where we create high THC, full spectrum oil products.

Some of our best buds are reserved for our premium milled and pre-roll products. Our buds are hand trimmed and milled, before being packaged in unique, recyclable containers.

All our processes, products and packaging are highly regulated by Health Canada. Our products are continually tested by Health Canada approved laboratories. This ensures that all our products and packaging are food grade safe.