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Administration and Security

Julian Gerein,Security
Lorna Dumaresq, CEO
Marla Smith, Administrator
Crystal Grimoldby, QAP
Ashley Gerein, Product Procurement

Sales and Marketing

Stephanie White, Account Manager
Deborah McMahon, Sales Director
Graeme McKay, Account Manager

Cultivation Team

James Mackay, Horticulture Lead-Mother Room
Carlyn Cosman, Horticulture Lead-Nursery

Processing and Extraction

Clayton Jones, Operations Manager
Anthony Charles, Production Coordinator
Dustin Jones, Lab Technician
Val Guerin, Cultivation Lead

Logistics and Packaging

Ian Furnival, Packaging Lead
Kevin Borger, Packaging Lead
Terry Owens, Logistics Manager
Tom Jahelka, Facilities

Board of Governors

Anthony Charles, Julian Gerein, Karim Lalani, Blair Jordan, Steve McKay, Mark Belhumeur

The Board sets the vision of where they see the company going and clears the path of obstacles, so that the CEO and Team can “drive the train down the tracks” to reach the end goal.